Who I am?

Born in Santos, São Paulo, Brazil, I have graduated in computer science in 2004. I have 8 years work experience at bank Itau Unibanco as a developer system where I had couple of great achievements working by myself as well as a team.

My qualities are:

I am a self-motivated, creative and organized person, who likes to get responsibility in the workplace.
I am not only seeking for a job I want to keep building my career in a company, that I can grow with and get a long-term employment to be successful.


  • TEAM WORK 90% 90%
  • INNOVATION 93% 93%
  • CREATIVITY 95% 95%


  • Photoshop 80% 80%
  • Html 95% 95%
  • CSS 85% 85%
  • JavaScript 70% 70%
  • WordPress 87% 87%
  • PHP 65% 65%
  • ASP 80% 80%
  • SQL 65% 65%


  • Portuguese 100% 100%
  • English 70% 70%
  • Spanish 85% 85%


Bacharelor in Computer Science – December 2004
University Santa Cecília dos Bandeirantes – (Santos, Brazil)

CBA (Certificate in Business Administration) – Suspended in December 2009
Institute for Teaching and Research (Insper) – (São Paulo, Brazil)

Work Experience


WordPress Design 10/2016

  • Performed website design and development for clients in diverse fields, developing and implementing interactive websites. Able to complete projects efficiently and satisfy customers with attractive, user-friendly websites.

Victorian hotel
Front desk agent 01/2016 to 09/2016

  • Answering phone calls in a polite and friendly manner.
  • Check guest in and out using the hotel system. Making bookings, directing guest request and providing information about the city always in a friendly and polite manner.
  • Making sure everything was clean and shiny in the breakfast room and waiting room area.
  • Breakfast preparation and set up every morning.

Banco Itaú Unibanco S.A.

Project Analyst 02/2006 – 08/2014

  • I was responsible for doing real time managerial reports showing the status of all activities, which were being executed in the audit sector to the board of the directors  (Using the program Reporting Services).
  • Robots creation to substitute employees daily activities such as verifying costumers account information to find any suspicious transaction. Whether it finds a suspicious transaction the account number will return for auditor’s analyses. (Using the program Automate)
  • Participation in three major systems Internal Audit’s area acting in as user support, testing, aid in the specification of functional requirements, designer and creating layouts.
  • Creation and customization of forms, lists, surveys, and sites in SharePoint 2003 and 2007.
  • Participation in the formulation and implementation of the project office
    management, developed in combined with SharePoint 2003 Enterprise
    Project Management, with the aim of standardizing the requests of customers of the internal audit and adopt a framework for development. The implementation of the project office has helped us to set a minimum documentation for the implementation of our projects and more assertive.
  • Participation in team development of systems and layouts:
    Magazine DirAud, Central Bank Reports, People Management, Record Review of deviations of Ethical Control and Hours, Planning roposals (Using the programming language ASP).
  • Development Layout: Recast DirAud Magazine, Newsletter DirAud and Winner layout for the system of Knowledge Management,creation of the logo of Project Management and Systems (GEPRO)
  • Creation, editing videos, folders and miscellaneous equipment for meeting
    Annual Audit conducted by the Board.
  • Slogan Creation of models and activities for various areas of the Board.

Day Press

WebMaster 01/2005 – 01/2006

  • Maintenance of portal implementations and creating new solutions.
    Development and maintenance of commercial and personal sites, creating visual identities.
  • I performed structure and configuration of Windows networks, user support.
    Working Scan, Auto Cad, Photoshop Actions to create and image processing.
    Work done in Santos, making the city GIS


Photo Louzada
Designer 01/2004 – 01/2005

  • Creating photographic cards commemoration
  • Photographic restoration

Complementary Courses

PHP, CSS3, HTML5, WordPress

School: Particular | Location: Santos – Brazil
Description: Develop professional treatments in images, cropping, masks, color, restoration, still can optimize pictures and animations for the internet

ASP e ASP advantage with Data Base

School: Tecnoponta | Location: Santos – Brazil
Description: Domain to create ASP pages ( Active Server Pages). ASP is a programming environment for scripts on the server, you can use to create dynamic pages, interact with the database and high performance, where the server itself becomes the scripts in the HTML standard, so that any browser market is able to access a site that uses ASP

Microsoft SQL Server 2008

School: Kasolutions | Location: São Paulo – Brazil
6234 – Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services
6235 – Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services
6236 – Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services

Itaú-Unibanco Bank Courses

School: E-learning | Location: Intern Course held by Itaú Bank
Description: I performed the following courses: team Feedback, Business writing, team work – skills, Conscientious use of credit – collaborator, handling of the financial life, Training for use defibrillator, Preventing money laundering, Quality Policy, Fundamentals of ACL – basic, Time management to board audit, Itaú´s ethic.

Project Management according to PMBOK
School: Advus | Location: Intern Course by Itaú-Unibanco Bank

School: Tecnoponta | Location: Santos – Brazil
Description: Create, edit and animate Web graphics using a complete set of bitmap and vector tools. Manage project site design. Charting Web with Macromedia Firework, work with Images, Bitmaps and Vector and integrating resources with leading web authoring software: Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks.


School: Tecnoponta | Location: Santos – Brazil
Description: Most used technology for Web which allows you to create vector animations. The interest in the use of vector graphics is that these animations allows you to perform light-weight, so, it takes little time to be loaded.

Dremweaver with CSS

School: Tecnoponta | Location: Santos – Brazil
Description: Manage a website, master the use of HTML, manage virtual files in a web server, FTP utilities, CSS – Cascate Style Sheet and DHTML (Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language). Using the webpage editor: Macromedia Dreamweaver.

Maintenance Network course (Tcp-ip)

School: Tecnoponta | Location: Santos – Brazil
The aim of the course of Assembly and Maintenance of Micro PC is for maintenance, configuration and assembly of micro-computers pc.

Portfolio (not completed. I am still working on it)

Photo caricature
Agile SM
Hair Style
Hair Style
Photo caricature
Agile SM


Updated content and changed to a new host.

Excellent professional I recommend.


Maintenance, Shear Bliss for Dogs

Updated content and layout alterations

Professional guy, faster and honesty


Maintenance, Victorian Hotel

Website development.

Creative and timely.


Website development, Photocaricature



Paragliding is an excellent sport to stay in touch with nature, release stress, calculate risks and rapids of reasoning. Also I have to plan in advance to see the best place to land and analyse the clime conditions to sustain altitude.

Scuba Diving:

Diving is an amazing and relaxing sport that I can stay in touch with marine fauna. That is a great exercise for time management because I need to manage the time and the air that I have in the cylinder to be back. Also helps me to improve self-control.

Walk my son:

This is Billy my son, I am always spending my time together with him in park in front my home, he loves run and making friends.
My personal believe is that having a dog as is the best way to forget problems and relax. They are awesome.

Volunteer Experience:

Heart on Noses Sanctuary:
website: www.heartsonnoses.com

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